Thursday, April 17, 2014


Yes, am very much aware, that the JAMB 2014 result has been released online by the JOINT Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB) management board.

According to latest news we received from Dailyschoolnews Nigeria, who said that the JAMB 2014 result was released followed immediately by the stats which was also shared by Vanguard Nigeria

All candidates who sat for the jamb 2014 examination, which was held on the 12th of April 2014, has been released online and all candidates/aspirants who sat for the examination can now check their performance through the official jamb 2014 result checker

Please we would love, seriously to hear from you, and about the 2014 change of course, don't worry, we will surely get you informed when the date is due.

Shalom to all candidates, and best of wishes too.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Husqvarna 12527HV Snow Thrower Review

The Husqvarna 12527HV snow thrower isn't the greatest model on the market. But if you really need to plow something larger than the usual 27" wide, 23" deep route you must likely be studying an expert model. And, be ready to pay a much higher price.
From the Fluffiest Powder to Melting Mush to Tough-Filled Ice

Record-breaking size or not, the 12527HV is definitely among the larger snow blowers about for the dwelling market. As suggested, it sports a 27 inch wide auger that could plow a berm 23 inches deep.

That's a big advantage, and not only regarding the capability to clear the footpath in one pass or the driveway in only a few minutes. It also means you do not necessarily need to handle the job right following the first snowfall.

Frequently, waiting until the weekend to take care of that recent snow dump means a much tougher job, at least with a less robust snow blower. With this Husky you're able to wait a few days rather than worry.

The auger isn't only large, either. It's tempered steel and sports a 3-blade serrated layout that will crunch through any form of snow from the fluffiest powder to melting mush to difficult-packed ice.

You do not have to worry about it bogging down, either. The 291cc LCT engine onboard can provide tons of hp (9 HP) to drive that auger through anything but a block of solid frozen soil.

Two-Phase Snow Throwing System

Unlike several other models that seem to be equally strong, the Husqvarna 12527HV has a feature that requires this unit beyond them: a two-stage snow throwing system.

In almost all electrics and also most gasoline-powered models, one part scrapes and throws the snow. Usually, the auger does the work of both, loosening the snow and driving it upward through the chute.

In a two-stage system on scraping the auger concentrates / loosening and an impeller blows the snow through the chute with substantial strength. That allows the blower to drive more snow further away. The 12527HV can chuck it a total 30 feet, provided it's not overly wet or freezing.

You can read more about snow blowers at

Monday, April 7, 2014

Pregnancy Pillow

A pregnancy pillow is an important prenatal accessory because it is valuable to your pregnant mom's relaxation, rest and wellness. Head pillows can be used to support other regions of the body as it's been designed specially for this kind of motive however a pregnancy pillow is the most comfy.

Besides giving relaxation, a pregnancy pillow acts as a back and hip support as it is helpful to align the back and hips which subsequently, reduces the pain caused by the growing lump that adds additional weight a mum-to-be needs to take.

A girl's abdomen is constantly growing all throughout her pregnancy which makes it tough for her to locate a comfortable sleep posture. Therefore, the necessity to get a pregnancy pillow since it offers great support to the abdomen and at once, shields the abdomen by covering it.

We're 1 having a mom-to-be's journey in searching for the perfect pregnancy pillow that will supply her relaxation and far-needed slumber; thus, we've taken the freedom of making this record of top pregnancy pillow brands obtainable in shops that would help make decision making which merchandise to buy simpler and the majority of all, give worth for the amount of money spent on the said purchase.

1. Uncomplicated Pregnancy Pillows
All these are two regular-sized pillows joined vertically which are best used to supply primary support to the mom's uterus.

Set them beneath the trunk on either sides so that the pregnant girl does not lie flat on her back.

2. Full Length Pregnancy Pillows
These sorts support the abdomen, back and knees which aid in cutting pain and supply a superb night's slumber.
With span that's normally between 5 or 6 feet, a mum-to-be can place it around the front and back or wrap around to alleviate the pain.

3. Wedge Pregnancy Pillows
Small in dimension, these pillows' greatest use is taking pressure off a the pregnant girl's back which then, reduces back pain.

When lying on both of the sides, a wedge pillow can be put underneath the belly or back.

4. Legume-Formed Pregnancy Pillows
As its name says, these pillows are formed just like a kidney bean with flexible straps at every end especially made to support the back on a single side and also the gut to another. Its greatest use is supplying support to the hefty abdomen which assists to lessen pain and distress. Wrap involving the knees up to the underside area of the abdomen makes it operate efficiently,

Regardless of precisely what the sort, there are additional items to observe when selecting pregnancy pillows. Do go for ones which are hypoallergenic as pregnancy makes one's nose more sensitive. Be sure to get one having a remove-able cover therefore it will not get sloppy with infant's milk during feeding, in case there are strategies of utilizing it as a feeding support after pregnancy time A breathable pillow is advised in order to avoid overheating, as pregnant girls get more hot at night because of the additional blood they carry around.

Pregnancy pillows may be quite pricey specially when going for sorts that supply pinpoint alleviation to really special issue areas. Regardless of this though, remember a pregnant mom's comfort is what matters most. Likewise, a permanent pregnancy pillow could be utilized many times and may also be used after pregnancy for nursing and supporting infants and toddlers within their early years. Pregnancy pillows are also simple to keep up as they come with covers; therefore, they simply washed and could be eliminated.

Monday, January 20, 2014

PowerBlock SportBlock 24 Pound Adjustable Dumbbells

The Powerblock SportBlock 24 Adjustable 3 to 24-Pounds per Dumbbell set is fantastic for strength training in the comfort of your own home and with limited or no space to workout in. You should be able to meet all your requirements when it comes to exercising with these weights.

You will hopefully never have to buy another dumbbell set after purchasing this product. It is specifically designed in order to allow you to build up your strength step by step by moving up through different weights 3 pounds at a time up to a maximum of 24 pounds per hand.

 This set is also particularly useful to those who have no room in their home for a load of dumbbells. This is what you would have to do if you wanted different weights. Whereas this set incorporates all the different weights into one and easily be used and changed as you go along. As you start lifting you will find that you can lift the original weight with a handle inside. Then you can lift this and the second one by inserting the initial weight into that one. In order to change weight you need to reposition the pin to select another weight.

Weight can be incremented in stages of 3 pounds at a time up to 24 pounds in totals per dumbbell. The smallest amount you can lift for each hand is 3 pounds. You can get many different weights with this one set. The unique system that this set uses means that you can step up your strength training little by little. The weight set is very compact and can be used almost anywhere within reason. The handle comes complete with padding so you are protected from hurting your hand or wrist.

The vast majority of reviews for this weights set are complimentary. Almost all customers found that that the set was very versatile and reliable with many varying weights in one set to choose from. This makes the set very cost-effective and efficient in most consumers’ eyes.


Each dumbbell in the set can be fully adjusted in regards to weight in order to achieve efficient strength training at a reasonable price
Each dumbbell adjusts in weight from 3 up to 24 pounds
Can adjust each dumbbell in increments of 3 pounds
You can change weights very easily with a pin that you select the weight with as in a gym
Include handle that is padded for extra protection of the wrist
Compact and balanced design
Maximum weight of 24 pounds per hand
Limited Warranty of 10 years for this product

The Reviews

The vast majority of customers found this product to be very good for strength training and building up muscle and with the unique compact design could use in their homes even when there was limited space available. The fact that you can adjust the weights and increment in slow stages at 3 pounds a time makes training far easier and effective.

There were one or two comments that were not quite so good and dealt with how when you lift the weights you do have to keep them aligned and the right way round as otherwise there is the chance of the pin used for selecting weights can become loose or fall out. One comment referred to how the dumbbells were damaged when receiving in the first place.

Friday, January 3, 2014

Snow Joe Ultra 622U1 Snow Blowers Review

When you've got lots of snow to clear and only a scoop and elbow grease to do the occupation, the Snow Joe Ultra 622U1 snow blower becomes all the more appealing. Due to its ease of use and powerful engine, it can immediately remove substantial amounts of snow with minimal effort on your own part. Simply turn the machine on and shove the throttle.

This snow thrower is designed to easily remove snow and lower the pull of clearing snow. The 13-amp electric motor proves capable of removing up to 800 pounds of snow per minute. It achieves this with a 19-inch clearing space and a cut depth of up to 11 inches. The complete arrangement of the auger means it'll be greater than capable of transferring fresh-fallen snow and even breaking apart hard snowpack.

While this machine is larger than other electrical-powered, single-phase snow blowers, the difference in size plays to the advantage of the Snow Joe Ultra 622U1. It can remove larger amounts of snow and consequently completes a job faster than smaller machines. The weight of the machine additionally proves advantageous in that it weighs back on the auger and allows the scraper to clear ice and snow direct down to the sidewalk.

The Snow Joe Ultra 622U1 receives a variety of positive and negative reviews, although snow removal equipment's total reliability is a consistent selling point. Its electric layout drives down the overall price of preserving and powering the car. To start the device, simply push a button and off it goes. This, coupled together with the two-year warranty, means you may be prepared to keep the snow off your driveway for quite some time without any problems.

Some consumers may locate the presence of a power cable annoying or problematic, but this frees you from your demand of frequently purchasing gas or petroleum and performing tune ups.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Best Snow Blowers

When living in an area which gets a large amount of snow every winter, a snow blower constantly is useful to aid remove the piles of snow from sidewalks, paths, and drives. It is so considerably more efficient than with a shovel and takes much less time and effort.

In states, the snow can pile so high that you will not be able to walk everywhere, or be competent to pull out of the drive if you don't have a gas or electrical snow blower to move it out of the way. It is a great investment, but it's not necessarily easy to locate a snow blower that is inexpensive. To find a great snow blower for the cash in 2012-2013 will require some research.

The top snow blower for you personally should not just be trusted, but uncomplicated to handle and work with plenty of snow at one time. You want to make sure it's simple to maneuver as well as removing a lot of snowfall within a shortest quantity of time. The motor or engine must be powerful and you may also consider a bit of snow blowing equipment that is environmentally friendly by using one that is just plugged in and does not use gas or oil.

Toro 38381 Electric 1800
Toro 38381 18-Inch 15 Amp Electric 1800 Power Curve Snow Blower Another great snowblower for the cash is the Toro 38381 Electric 1800. It received 4 stars from over 250 Amazon reviewers.

It can move up to 700 pounds of snow per minute. It clears a path in the snow of 18 inches wide and up to 10 inches deep. It can throw the snow up to 30 feet away, quite impressive.

Toro 38381 18-Inch 15 Amp Electric 1800 Power Curve Snow Blower

This electrical snow blower has a 160 degree adjustable chute letting to direct the snow just about everywhere. The zip deflector lets you continuously throw snow. It's simple to maneuver at 25 pounds and it has ergonomic handles to

Monday, November 25, 2013

Best Adjustable Dumbbells Set Reviews

Best Adjustable Dumbbells Set Reviews
I have a nice body building, thanks to my constant fitness exercise, and you too can achieve it from the comfort of your home, today I want to review The Best Adjustable Dumbbells that will gives you what you are looking for.
Before we get started, you might want to know what Adjustable Dumbbells?

What are adjustable dumbbells?
Adjustable Dumbbells are dumbbells that can be adjust- hence the name adjust-able dumbbells, you can use it to exercise at the comfort of your home, if you are looking to set up home gym, then you need to get these beautiful piece of dumbbells.
With dumbbells, you don’t need to visit the gym anymore, you can choose to exercise at home and anytime you felt like exercising!