Monday, January 20, 2014

PowerBlock SportBlock 24 Pound Adjustable Dumbbells

The Powerblock SportBlock 24 Adjustable 3 to 24-Pounds per Dumbbell set is fantastic for strength training in the comfort of your own home and with limited or no space to workout in. You should be able to meet all your requirements when it comes to exercising with these weights.

You will hopefully never have to buy another dumbbell set after purchasing this product. It is specifically designed in order to allow you to build up your strength step by step by moving up through different weights 3 pounds at a time up to a maximum of 24 pounds per hand.

 This set is also particularly useful to those who have no room in their home for a load of dumbbells. This is what you would have to do if you wanted different weights. Whereas this set incorporates all the different weights into one and easily be used and changed as you go along. As you start lifting you will find that you can lift the original weight with a handle inside. Then you can lift this and the second one by inserting the initial weight into that one. In order to change weight you need to reposition the pin to select another weight.

Weight can be incremented in stages of 3 pounds at a time up to 24 pounds in totals per dumbbell. The smallest amount you can lift for each hand is 3 pounds. You can get many different weights with this one set. The unique system that this set uses means that you can step up your strength training little by little. The weight set is very compact and can be used almost anywhere within reason. The handle comes complete with padding so you are protected from hurting your hand or wrist.

The vast majority of reviews for this weights set are complimentary. Almost all customers found that that the set was very versatile and reliable with many varying weights in one set to choose from. This makes the set very cost-effective and efficient in most consumers’ eyes.


Each dumbbell in the set can be fully adjusted in regards to weight in order to achieve efficient strength training at a reasonable price
Each dumbbell adjusts in weight from 3 up to 24 pounds
Can adjust each dumbbell in increments of 3 pounds
You can change weights very easily with a pin that you select the weight with as in a gym
Include handle that is padded for extra protection of the wrist
Compact and balanced design
Maximum weight of 24 pounds per hand
Limited Warranty of 10 years for this product

The Reviews

The vast majority of customers found this product to be very good for strength training and building up muscle and with the unique compact design could use in their homes even when there was limited space available. The fact that you can adjust the weights and increment in slow stages at 3 pounds a time makes training far easier and effective.

There were one or two comments that were not quite so good and dealt with how when you lift the weights you do have to keep them aligned and the right way round as otherwise there is the chance of the pin used for selecting weights can become loose or fall out. One comment referred to how the dumbbells were damaged when receiving in the first place.


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