Monday, November 25, 2013

How to make money online building niche sites

  How to make money online building niche sites
Before you can build a niche site that will make money, you need to first come up with a keyword that will be easy to rank and also you should have before hands how to monetize the site. Let us see what is needed to build a niche site that will make money for months or even years.

Buying Domain

After you have done your research and have the keywords you want to build your Niche site around, you can then proceed to any domain registrar to buy one. You can get a domain for as low as $2 from godaddy if you have a coupon code. Ensure your domain name is related to your keywords. Example, if you want to target ‘weight loss’ your domain should be something similar to or or you go with partial exact match domain if the EMD is not available.

Buying a host and Building the website
Next step is to purchase a host, there are lots of cheap reliable hosts around and you can get one from there… I recommend bluehost as your site will always be online. Install wordpress, find a theme that will convert and you are set to building your first niche site.

Adding Content
If you know your niche very well, you can start by writing reviews on your blog and ifEnglish is not your forte, then you can chose to buy contents. About 10 articles of 500+ words be enough to get started.

Ranking your Niche Site
If you are good with SEO, you can manually build it, but if the word SEO sounds strange to you, you can outsource it to companies that offer the service.

Monetizing the Niche Site
There are different ways to monetize your niche website, and one of them is through affiliate links (example, amazon, clickbank, etc)
Get Started Now
I recently started a niche site and am on the verge of building a making money site that will bring about $500+ monthly. If you want to do the same, you can visit my website where I share everything for free.


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