Thursday, October 31, 2013

Welcome to the Crochet Coral Reef Blog

Welcome to the Crochet Coral Reef Blog, created to keep you up-to-date with this internationally celebrated project that is a merging of art, craft, science, mathematics, and the participation of thousands of enthusiastic and talented crafters worldwide. The Reef is ever-growing - there are now satellite projects on every continent! The newest locales are Cape Town, South Africa; Bogota, Colombia; plus Melbourne and Perth, Australia. We are thrilled to get to know new Reefs, and reefers, in so many different cities. We begin our blog with a special mention about Latvia, where women and girls across the country have been crocheting reefs throughout 2009, under the extraordinary guidance of Tija Viksna. The Latvian Reef is currently on show at Gallery Consentio in Riga. We'll be doing a post on this amazing show soon.

Check back with us weekly to hear the latest updates on and additions to Reef efforts worldwide, as well as meet some of the brilliant individual crafters who contribute around the world. We hope the blog can serve as an informal gathering place for the many faces and personalities of this expansive project.

Top photo: The Toxic Reef as installed in The Gallery @ The Library, Scottsdale Civic Center, 2009. Photo by Alyssa Gorelick.
Bottom photo: Hyperbolic crochet workshop at the Musturs knitting club in Riga, Latvia, led by Tija Viksna. January 2009. Photo courtesy of Ingrida Birkante.

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